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What are your staff doing with their personal devices in your network right now?  Do you know?  Could you know?  If they were doing something you didn’t want them to, could you stop it? | MaviSky Technology Services can help you to discover what is happening in your wireless environment, create the means to offer controlled BYOD for your personnel and their devices, and protect and enhance the way your organization uses technology every day

It has become a foregone conclusion that, in virtually every workplace, employees will bring with them their own personal technology devices.  In the worst of cases, organizations have had to consider how they might protect themselves and their infrastructures from the dangers that this represents.  In the best of cases, organizations have managed to discover ways to leverage these technology devices, along with the trend of users aptitude and preference toward using their devices for more and more purposes, to create flexible, robust working scenarios that allow their users to achieve their daily work responsibilities across multiple device platforms, all while still facilitating the security, privacy, and visibility that their organization requires.

Mobility, and the wireless communication networks that enable mobile devices, are ongoing concerns for organizations worldwide.  Where some might want to isolate and limit the connectivity of such devices, for the sake of maintaining high-security compliance, and others might embrace this trend of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) to help enable their workforce to engage more readily with their organizations and better achieve its goals, all organizations are finding themselves having to ask very challenging questions regarding these matters.

MaviSky Technology Services offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with wireless networks and using them to facilitate numerous approaches to dealing with end-user mobile devices.  Whether your organization needs to lock its networks down to ensure that such devices cannot present a threat to your operations, or you wish to embrace the mobile device landscape and find ways to leverage it to enhance your workforce and increase their productivity because of it, we can help you to define your needs, identify the appropriate solutions for your organization, and configure and deploy it correctly for you.  With MaviSky Technology Services, you can be assured that, open or closed, your wireless and mobile postures will achieve exactly the goals you want them to.