Platform as a Service

Eliminating Hurdles

Extensive experience in selecting and optimizing PaaS offerings for organizations across many industries

Do you create software in an environment hosted on hardware that you have to own and maintain?  How often do you need to add resources to that environment?  How easy (or not) is that to do?  AT what point will you need to substantially reconfigure the hardware you currently have in order to allow for continued growth?  How much will that cost?  How long will that take?  Who will do that work? | MaviSky Technology Services can help your organization find the right Platform-as-a-Service provider to fit your needs, ensuring that your software can continue to grow and mature while minimizing the cost and complexity of supporting the infrastructure that underpins it.

Software development is a cornerstone of the modern world.  For every piece of technology that exists, there is software that drives it, controls it, and allows us to interact with it.  Designing and building software is an area of growth across all industries, and one that many organizations have begun to incorporate into their daily operations, even in organizations that did not traditionally have much need for software in the past.  Being able to architect applications that can precisely fit the needs of your users or customers is a vital element of so many organizations today, and it is a trend that only continues to grow.

Developing software, however, has always presented challenges to those who need to support the environments on and in which the software is built.  Depending on the nature of the application, hardware resources may vary widely, network connectivity may have more or less of an impact on the functionality of the application, and the compatibility of systems that run different operating systems across different teams or departments might drive a development project from an exciting opportunity into an operational nightmare.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) aims to eliminate these hurdles by eliminating the differences in resources, architectures, and systems that have frequently been impediments to success in the past.  MaviSky Technology Services has extensive experience in selecting and optimizing PaaS offerings for organizations across many industries.  From high-performance platforms for organizations that build applications that deal with advanced medical and scientific research to high-availability platforms for organizations that leverage personnel located across multiple continents, MaviSky Technology Services can help your organization to learn what options exist, which ones might be best for your organization, and selecting, developing, and implementing the right PaaS solution that will help drive your organization to succeed.