Industries we are involved in
Education & Legal

MaviSky Solutions’ team of experienced professionals can bring their expertise to bear for your institution, discovering the best technologies available to help your organization.

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Finance & Health

Our team has experience across many specialized healthcare systems, from EMR systems to imaging systems and other technologies unique to the healthcare sector. Let MaviSky work with you to ensure that your technology succeeds in keeping your organization compliant, efficient, and effective!

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Gov’t & Small Business

MaviSky can help you to sort through all the marketing hype and sales hyperbole to find the true answers to your needs. Our team of professionals will bring their combined decades of experience across multiple industries of all shapes and sizes to bear in order to identify, select, configure, deploy, train, and maintain the best solution for your organization

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Hospitality & Retail

From Hospitality Management Software to Point Of Sale systems and wireless communication mesh networks, MaviSky can work with you to design the best solutions to suit your needs (and your budget).

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