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What does your rack look like in your collo?  Could it be better organized and laid out?  Could your connectivity and configurations be more effective and efficient? Can you spare the personnel to go there and spend the time, effort, skills, and money necessary to make it as great as it could be? | MaviSky Technology Services can provide you with the solution to your data center needs, ensuring your investments are working to make your organization succeed.

Datacenters have long been billed as the better option for organizations that want to house their technology assets in facilities that can ensure adequate physical and environmental resources, as well as protection from incidental interruptions that their own facility may lack protection from (ex. Power outages, flooding, poor public infrastructure for data connectivity, etc.).  While this is true, there are aspects to the selection of a datacenter, as well as the configuration of the resources that get allocated there, that can have a huge impact on the outcomes for the organizations that undertake these decisions.

There are many datacenters to choose from, so which might be best for your organization?  Local or distant?  If distant, then how distant?  How much control over the configuration of the resources in my datacenter space will I have?  What are the pros and cons of a given datacenter, in a given location, versus other datacenters?  All of these questions, and many more, plague every organization that is considering collocating their infrastructure in a datacenter.  Even those who have already done so, regularly face the questions again and again, every time their service agreements come up for renewal.  Learning all of the intricacies that would allow for the best informed decision in these cases would take time and resources that few organizations can ever spare.

MaviSky Technology Services has extensive experiences with datacenters around the world.  Whether large cloud host datacenters or small, local datacenters geared more towards the Small-to-Medium Business market, MaviSky Technology Services can help you to identify the characteristics that will have the most impact for your organization.  Once you know what to look for, we can help you throughout the process of selecting a datacenter, deploying your assets within it, and configuring those assets correctly and completely, ensuring that your organization will get the maximum return on its investment.  MaviSky Technology Services will ensure that your organization makes all of the best decisions throughout your datacenter project, so that your collocated resources become a valued asset that drives your organization to succeed.