Get the applications you need and get rid of the ones you don't

No more worrying

Today’s technology relies on consuming applications, so why are you still running VMs, worrying about installing OS updates, and whether you have the latest patches for each one of your virtualized servers? | MaviSky Technology Services will help your organization gets the applications it needs, and get rid of the overhead.

Containerization is a lightweight alternative to full machine virtualization that involves encapsulating an application in a container with its own operating environment. This provides many of the benefits of loading an application onto a virtual machine, as the application can be run on any suitable physical machine without any worries about dependencies.  Likewise, a single host operating system can sustain multiple containerized instances of applications.  In this way, containerization can offer substantial increases in efficiency of resource allocation and consumption, as well as much easier management of resource expansion and contraction, as the needs of applications may grow or shrink over time according to a variety of factors.

Based on this, containerization is an ideal technology for a vast array of different applications and use cases.  However, containerization may not be in the wheelhouse for your existing IT staff.  It might be reasonable to want your own staff to learn the technology in order to be able to work with it, but what would it take for them to learn it well enough to be able to implement it from scratch in your environment?  Is that a commitment of time and resources you can afford to make?  You could always hire someone new to implement this technology, but how long might that person take to find, and how much might they cost?  How long would they stay once you did hire them?

MaviSky Technology Services’ team of seasoned experts have implemented containerization solutions for many customers of all sizes.  Whatever your needs, MaviSky Technology Services can design, implement, and maintain the custom containerization solution that will help ensure that your organization operates as efficiently and as successfully as possible.