Cloud Migration

The cloud can fundamentally restructure the meaning of technology

The best aspects of Technology

Still paying to acquire, maintain, and ultimately replace your on-premise servers and storage devices?  How much is that costing you?  How often?  How predictable are those costs?  What if you needed to increase the amount of storage you have? | MaviSky Technology Services can help you migrate your servers and storage to the cloud of your choice, turning your infrastructure costs from a jagged line on a graph to a smooth, predictable line that will help your organization grow and succeed.

For years now, you’ve been hearing about the cloud.  From storing your data, to hosting your servers, to possibly serving as your entire technology infrastructure, the cloud offers the promise of fundamentally restructuring the meaning of technology in every organization.  All this promise is not without its cost, however.  What are the best aspects of your technology to move to the cloud?  Where will your organization get its best return on investment by moving to the cloud?  Are there some things that should be kept on-premises?  If so, which ones are they, and why?

Once in the cloud, what are the best practices to follow?  How should a given service or application be configured in order to integrate best with your environment?  Is the documentation that is made available by the vendor accurate in the context of your organization?  These questions and so many more are what today’s technology professionals face.  With so many options available, and so many vendors competing for your business, who should you believe and trust to have the best interests of your organization in mind?

MaviSky Technology Services has worked with the majority of cloud hosts and cloud service providers in operation today.  This substantial experience, across many industries and circumstances, gives us the perspective to be able to offer you a mature, measured perspective on the options and optimal solutions for any given use case you may present us.  As we are not exclusive to any particular vendor or brand, we can offer you the flexibility of selecting from any of the solutions that exist in the marketplace.  Furthermore, our extensive experience with different organizations helps us to ensure that the solutions we select and design with you will not only resolve whatever immediate need you may have, but will also integrate well with all of your other technologies, as well as offer options for future growth.  At MaviSky Technology Services, we look forward to committing our experience and resources to help your organization achieve its goals.