Security & Compliance

SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, NIST Cybersecurity Framework

There are many security standards across many industries, and many organizations that need to comply with several of them at all times. We can help.


Today’s technology relies on consuming applications, so why are you still running VMs and other nonsense?

We can help your organization gets the applications it needs, and get rid of the overhead you don’t need.

IT as a Service

Is your IT department a revolving door? Do you invest time and money in personnel?

We can provide you the IT staff you need, with none of the risk and maintenance of hiring your own

Wireless & Mobilitiy

Are the personal devices in your network right now secure? Do you know? Could you know?

We can help you discover what is happening in your wireless environment and protect and enhance the way your organization uses technology

Cloud Migration

Still paying to acquire, maintain, and ultimately replace your on-premise servers and storage devices?

We can help you migrate your servers and storage to the cloud, turning your infrastructure costs from a jagged line on a graph to a smooth, predictable line that will help your organization grow

Datacenter Solutions

What does your rack look like? Could your connectivity and configurations be more effective and efficient?

Provide the solution to your data center needs and ensure your investments are working to make your organization succeed

Network Solutions

SPB, SDN, EIGRP, OSPF, MPLS, IPv6… Is your network leveraging the latest, most efficient architectures?

We can provide the people and expertise to review and overhaul your network to ensure that your organization is getting the best technology, driving overall success and growth.

Platform as a Service

Do you create software in an environment hosted on hardware that you have to own and maintain?

We can help find the right provider to fit your needs, ensuring that your software can continue to grow and mature, while minimizing the cost and complexity of supporting the infrastructure that underpins it


IT in Miami

Here at Mavisky Technology Services LLC, we receive extensive training to make sure we can excel in every IT service we provide in the Miami area. Even though we have a lot of knowledge in the IT field, we try to make the experience at Mavisky Technology Services LLC stress-free and easy to understand.

If you have had issues with other IT providers before, rest easy knowing you will not be having this same experience when working with Mavisky Technology Services LLC. We work hard to earn and keep the trust of our customers and potential customers in Miami.

IT services from Mavisky Technology Services LLC are second-to-none. We work hard to accomplish your goals through our IT services. We serve the Miami area, and want to assist you with anything you may need.

Come visit us for your IT needs today!

Stop by our business in the Miami area, and let us prove how well our team at Mavisky Technology Services LLC can help you today.

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