NetScaler SD-WAN – How Packet Duplication Improves Enterprise WAN

NetScaler SD-WAN – How Packet Duplication Improves Enterprise WAN

The traditional WAN was not designed to tackle todays Enterprise traffic. Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN uses logical ideas to improve performance over WANs, which simply cannot keep up with the Network demand. NetScaler SD-WAN combines packet-level, real-time path selection, WAN optimization, firewall, routing, and application analytics into one comprehensive solution. Whether you are accessing SaaS applications, virtualized desktops, traditional data centers, or cloud, NetScaler SD-WAN ensures an always-on, high-quality experience and a simpler, more agile network for branch locations.


In the Enterprise space, we see many applications that are Mission Critical – the business simply cannot operate. Depending on the type of business, this could be anything from a credit card/payment transaction, an inventory/logistics software, a video conference, or even a VoIP call. Whichever it may be, any loss in performance will dramatically impact the business. Enterprise Business around the world are quite aware of this, so they opt to bulk up their MPLS by adding an extra connection, increasing bandwidth, or invest in QoS services. This will ensure connectivity and give businesses a relative peace of mind, however it does not solve issues in mitigating a loss in performance. NetScaler SD-WAN was designed to solve these issues for branch locations with high latency.


NetScaler SD-WAN has a feature named “Packet Duplication”. In essence, packet duplication creates and sends 2 copies of a mission critical application simultaneously through 2 different paths. Sending 2 copies ensures that if one link fails, at least 1 copy will reach an end-point. If both the copies are received on the remote end, then NetScaler SD-WAN is smart enough to send the first received packet towards the LAN, and drops the subsequent one.


NetScaler SD-WAN provides powerful control to the user by defining Carrier IDs such that the SD-WAN solution duplicates and send the packet on as many different paths as possible. By leveraging a Carrier ID, SD-WAN ensures that if all services from a carrier are down because of an outage – the packet is still delivered via the other Carrier (shown in the diagram below).



SD-WAN Diagram


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